Notice: Early Bird Entries for the Athlete's Foot Adelaide Running Festival close Monday 3rd August at 8.00am

Terms and Conditions
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Terms and Conditions of Entry for all SARRC Events and Activities


Definition: The term Event in these Terms & Conditions applies to any SARRC Event or Activity.

I am physically fit, in good health, and adequately prepared to participate in this event. I will withdraw if I succumb to any injury or illness from which I have not fully recovered by the time of the event.

I realise that I am participating in this event entirely at my own risk, which means that the South Australian Road Runners Club Inc (SARRC) and its officers, representatives and agents (and all persons directly or indirectly involved in promoting or conducting the event) are not liable for:

  • my injury, illness or death, or any damage, loss or misfortune which may occur to me or others as a result of my participation.
  • any consequential or indirect damages or any other form or relief whatsoever for any acts or omissions of SARRC and /or its officers, representatives or other persons involved directly or indirectly in promoting or conducting the event or activity, arising out of or in connection with the event or activity even if the acts or omissions were foreseeable, whether such damage or loss occurred as a result of negligence or otherwise.

I consent to the free use of my name and images of me in any broadcast, telecast, print publication, email or web page by the organiser, or any contractors or suppliers engaged by the organiser, in relation to the event.

I agree to obey the published rules and conditions of this event, as well as any other rules and conditions announced to participants on the day of the event. 

I further consent to SARRC disclosing my name, registration number and email address to the event photographers (eg to facilitate them emailing me a link to my photos. 

None of these terms applies if it contravenes any statute.

Remember – overexertion and inadequate fluid intake can be dangerous. Exercise within your capabilities and drink before, during and after exercising. Wear protective clothing, sunglasses and use SPF 30+”

Race Credits Policy

Entrants who are unable to participate in a SARRC event can request for a race credit as long as that request is received by the office no later than 8am on the Friday before the event.

  • If the request is received before the early bird cut off, the full entry fee will be credited less $10 administration fee.
  • Where the request is received after the early bird cut off, 75% of the event entry fee will be credited less $10 administration fee.

Races credits will be held in the office for use as detailed below.

Race credits will expire 18 months from the request date.

Use of race credits

You will need to contact the office to use a race credit.

SARRC Members have different use of race credits to non SARRC Members.

SARRC Members

SARRC Members may use race credits for any purchases from the club: membership, merchandise or event entry. Note: you must submit a manual entry for the future event (not online) with the office to have your race credit applied.

Non SARRC Members

Non SARRC members can only use race credits towards becoming a Member of SARRC.

Good Sports Policy

It is expected that all entrants in SARRC events will participate in a way that does not give then any unfair advantage or that is not in the spirit of sportsmanship, equality or fair play including but not limited to: 

  1. Competitors must exercise sound, mature judgement, carry out all reasonable instructions from officials, obey the laws of the land and observe traffic regulations. 
  2. All competitors, officials, volunteers and spectators must be treated with respect and courtesy. 
  3. No individual support by vehicle, bicycle or on foot in order to complete the course distance is permitted except as provided by the organisers. 
  4. Competitors must complete events in the capacity that they registered to compete. Competitors registered as walkers must walk the full event. 
  5. Competitors must walk or run only on the defined event course. If the defined course is unintentionally not followed, the competitor may have received advantage over other competitors, and this should be raised with the race/event director for assessment and/oran official time should not be recorded by the competitor. 
  6. Distance alone should not be considered as the only indicator of equality and fairness where the defined course is not followed. Course gradient, type of ground surface, course complexity and environmental factors may all influence running conditions and therefore the "equality" of the alternate course taken. 
  7. Intentional "course cutting" in official events will be grounds for disqualification. 
  8. Event results are based on Gun Time as per the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) rule 165 part 24. SARRC is run under these rules because its results can be used for selection into International and Olympic events. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in disqualification or other disciplinary action being taken. 

While the Good Sports Policy specifically applies to official timed events the same principle and standards of sportsmanship, equality or fair play should apply and be adhered to for all "events" conducted by the club.

Where another competitor believes that this policy may have been breached, this should be raised with the Race/event director who will review it and make a decision on any action to be taken. Any complaints about other competitors or race director actions in relation to this policy can be raised using the complaints guidelines within the SARRC Member Protection Policy.

If you are under 18 years of age your Parent or Guardian MUST acknowledge this condition.

Donations to the event nominated Charity

Our nominated event charity receives 100% of the donations collected, less any third party charges for processing online entries or credit card payments.

Lost Property

Any lost property handed to SARRC after an event will be retained by the SARRC office for 14 days. Collection can be made at the SARRC office. If the items have not been claimed after this time, they will be donated to charity.

Event Cancellation Policy

In the event that a SARRC event is cancelled, the club will first endeavour to reschedule that event to the closest possible future date.

Where this is not possible, it will be left to individual participant's discretion as to whether they wish to have their entry fee refunded or held as a credit to use for future purchases, such as event entry, purchase of club merchandise, and membership renewal. 

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