Where to look for Results & Photos

The South Australian Road Runners Club has been working on perfecting its Race Timing to give live race day results since the Barossa Half in 2010. This is expected to allow for online live access and /or emails of results.  Progress on methods allowing for electronic late entries is being tuned with each race and the lessons learnt.  The results are then stored in databases and presented in pdf files.  You can find results for an Event at each Event's pages, or at the Event Summary page (see link on this menu. and for each SARRC member an additional summary of every event can be generated (called member DAG Results).

 Photographs and Race Certificates  -    http://sarrcphotos.smugmug.com/

SARRC relies on volunteers to do many of the tasks that are required in a great club. We aim to make all events an enjoyable experience for both members and non-members. With technology rapidly changing we are now working on providing personalised certificates and photos in our major events.

All finishers in major SARRC events will now receive an email within 24 hours of finishing. This email will contain your provisional results and many interesting statistics such as Times, Distance, Age, Gender and Club placings.   This email will not have a Certificate Link, unlike recent Events, as any updates to the placings alter the statistics making the provisional Certificate misleading.

A second email will be sent as soon as possible, titled “Final Results, Certificate & Photos”.
It is important to keep this email because this is your personal record of the event you have just participated in. This email will contain two links.

  • One is for your Certificate. The information on the Certificate will be correct at the time of your click, but it may be updated at any time and could be different to the provisional information in the body of the email. That is why the email information sometimes does not match the certificate as it is technically frozen at email time.
  • The other is for your photos. This link will have a maximum of 5 personalised photos in it. If it contains a short message saying no photos available, it probably means that your number could not be identified. You may still find your photo displayed on the clubs photo web site at http://sarrcphotos.smugmug.com/
    (You can wave your mouse over the right hand side of the photo and get a dropdown menu with many size options. You can also save a copy to your hard drive and run a slide show.)

If you would like a specifically cropped photo for printing, email the photographer’s address on top of the gallery with the size & megabyte requirements. A revised image will be emailed out.

Photos of competitors will be available at most of the club’s major events. This service is provided by volunteers, therefore, the club can not guarantee the consistency, quality and availability of every competitor’s images. Occasionally commercial photographers will be at our events, so be sure to check their web sites.

Just remember to run hard because there are a lot of people working hard to provide you with memories that last for life.


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