Tuesday Speed Session


Start Time: 6:00 pm Finish: approximately 7:15 pm

Location: Meet at the ‘Start’ marker of the Uni Loop track. This is on McKinnon Parade, North Adelaide (directly opposite the multi-story apartment block near the corner).

Intermediate and Advanced Groups: The group is comprised of people of varying abilities. If you can run around 6:00 min/km pace in your longer runs, you are fit enough to start speed training as you will run considerably faster in the reps. There is a recovery interval after each rep. It is recommended that you are able to comfortably run 8 to 10kms before you commence speed training, otherwise you may struggle to complete the sessions.

Due to increasing numbers, and to cater for runners with different abilities, the group is split into two groups, Intermediate and Advanced. The Advanced group is recommended for runners who can complete the 2.2km time trial in less than 9 minutes, or 1000m reps in 4 minutes or less. The Advanced group runs longer reps and/or additional reps than the Intermediate group. The Intermediate group generally consists of runners who complete the time trial between 9 minutes and 11 minutes, or 1000m reps in 5:00 mins or less.  We do have some slower runners and there is the option to just do about ¾ of the session.

Marathon and Half Marathon Training Programs

You might be thinking about your first half marathon or maybe you're thinking about moving up to marathon distance following a half-marathon. 

If you're looking for help, support and guidance to get you there then the Marathon Mentor program is for you. The marathon mentor program is free to members of SA Road Runners and provides you with a program, diary, group runs, coach assistance, Facebook forum and the support of the wider mentor running group.

For more details contact club coach, Chris Taylor – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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