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In South Australia, as in many other parts of the world, trail running is growing in popularity, as runners seek the refreshment of natural surroundings. There is an increasing number of trail running groups in or near Adelaide, most of them linked by Facebook pages and some by web sites. Most are open to non-members of SARRC. Whatever type of trail runner you are, you will find a group that suits you.

Runs take place in the Mt Lofty Ranges, along beaches, and sometimes further afield as in the Flinders Ranges, the Murray Mallee, Kangaroo Island and the south coast. Occasionally there are trail running weekends.

Trail races (e.g. race events) are organised by various groups, chiefly the SA Road Runners Club, Yumigo and Athletics SA , each of which has a web site. The trail running calendar (referred to above) includes all events organised by these bodies, as well as others. See also the online calendar of runSArun.

 Sunday Trail Runs


 Affiliated to SARRC, the Sunday Trail Running group runs most weeks in all weathers. The runs are generally near to Adelaide and vary in length, mostly about 15 kms. Usually there is a shorter option. Whenever possible, some navigational guides are provided, such as maps, course directions and trail markers. We meet afterwards for refreshments. Runners of different levels of ability attend, and sometimes a few walkers as well. We can't guarantee however to provide guidance, or company, to people who are too slow.

Participants in runs need to bring their own essentials, such as water, mobile phone, tissues, rudimentary first aid equipment, and some spare clothing in case of cold wet weather. We don't recommend any particular type of shoe or type of water container because people vary in their preferences.

 If you want to be kept informed about trail running activities, subscribe to the email list (referred to above) and also keep an eye on the Facebook page SA Trail Running.

 The trail running groups affiliated to SARRC are linked also by the following Facebook pages: SA Trail News, Yurrebilla 56 km 2014 Newcomers, Yurrebilla Class of 2012, Yurrebilla Ultra Lounge. In addition, organised trail events are publicised on the web sites of SARRC , Yumigo, Athletics SA, or other organisations. 


Other trail running groups which run off-road:-

In addition to the Sunday Trail Group, the following groups regularly or sometimes run off road.


  • Southern Running Group
  • N-R-G (Northern Running Group) (Facebook page)
  • South Coast Runners (Facebook page)
  • Chicks Who Run (closed Facebook page, apply to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.l
  • Halloran Hillbillies (Facebook page)
  • Semaphore Boot Camp (website)
  • Keep Trail Running 
  • Start Trail Running Classes 
  • Adelaide Night Runs: contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  All the organised events depend on volunteers, which mean all of us. At any of them, the ratio of volunteers to competitors is at least 1:10 and often higher. Many of the informal or social runs also need much preparation. Volunteering is fun, and a great way to get involved in trail running activities. 

So you should help out regularly. Alternatively, a friend or family member may volunteer on your behalf. Appeals for volunteers are sent out before each organised event. Especially welcome are volunteers with special skills or assets, such as possession of a large station wagon or 4 Wheel Drive, experience in towing trailers or driving large vehicles, first aid, getting sponsorships

 It's a great way to get involved in trail running activities.

If you can take on responsible roles, and help to plan our activities, please join the trail running committee, which currently meets on the first Monday of each month. Let This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. know if you're interested. The only prerequisite for membership of the committee is willingness to help organise trail activities.

These are currently  members of the trail running committee: Annette Couch, Dalice Kent, David Close, Doug Smart (chair), Gregory Jenkins, Guy Schubert, Karen Winters, Louise Thompson, Michelle Campbell.

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