Volunteering with your Club

The Club has had a very busy and successful year, with many events, running groups and Start Running classes being held. Those of us involved in the management of your Club do it for the love of the sport, the commitment to our Club and the joy of sharing our sport with others.
But there’s one thing we don’t enjoy, and that is the constant scrambling for volunteers to help put on events. We now have over 1,500 members. If every member volunteered at just one event, no member would have to volunteer for a second.
Accordingly, we are now asking ALL members to nominate at least one event at which they will volunteer in 2013. If you’re a trail runner, you may wish to choose helping out at a road race. If you’re a speed demon who loves the flat sealed paths, then you may wish to help out on a trail run.
Volunteering is its own reward, you’ll find that you develop a better appreciation of the effort that goes into putting an event on, and get a warm glow for being part of a successful team making a difference to other people. As the comedian Adam Hills once put it, there’s nothing better than being a joymonger!
Another way you can support your Club is as a Start Running Instructor. We have recently developed new material and provided training to instructors. As well as formal and online training, new instructors spend one term being mentored by an experienced instructor. This is a great way to improve your knowledge of our sport, and make new friends in the Club.
So, if you can assist in any way, please get in touch with the office.
Thank you.
Andrew Cassetti
P.S. If you serve the club in other capacities such as office volunteer, Start Running Instructor or running group leader, thank you for your contribution and of course, you’re exempted from this expectation.
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